LOLA COSMETICS Umectacao Oliva Hair Mask


LOLA Umectacao Oliva
LOLA COSMETICS Umectacao Oliva Hair Mask


The Umectacao Oliva is a nourishing hair mask enriched with Olive Oil that replenishes natural moisture and tames frizz through deep hydration.

Experience the rejuvenating power of Lola Umectacao Oliva, specially designed to restore and revive hair that has undergone aggressive treatments. Formulated with a blend of Olive Oil, Lactic Acid, Sericin, and Arginine, it effectively combats the harmful effects of free radicals, which can damage and weaken the hair fibers. By sealing the cuticles, conditioning the hair strands, purifying the locks, and providing reconstruction and repair, this mask ensures optimal hair health.

Ideal for those with dry and damaged hair, as well as those with curly and wavy locks, the Umectacao Oliva is a must-have. Infused with organic olive oil, it offers multiple benefits.

Discover the transformative effects of Umectacao Oliva and embrace healthier, more vibrant hair.


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