How To Brush Curly Hair The Right Way

How to brush curly hair the right way
Take it from someone who knows: Brushing curly hair is pretty much impossible. No matter how hard you try (or what kind of brush you use), by the time you’ve managed to get from your roots to your ends you end up looking like a frizzed out version of Samara from The Ring. But not brushing it isn’t really an option, either, otherwise you’ll end up with one big, matted knot on top of your head, which makes even Samara’s hairdo look desirable. As it turns out, though, there is a right way to brush curly hair that won’t leave you looking like you just came out of a Steven King film. “The correct way to brush curly hair is to section in the hair for control using a detangling brush,” says editorial and celebrity stylist Michelle Swiney. “Working from the ends work your way up to the crown as brushing or combing any hair type of can cause breakage at the roots.” Since curly hair has different needs than straight or wavy hair, it makes sense that the same methods of care simply don’t work. To find out what, exactly, your curly hair needs, here are Swiney’s tips for how to brush it the right way. See ya later, horror movie hair. 1. Brush It Wet 2. Use The Right Kind Of Tools 3. Choose The Right Ingredients For Moisture More details, please go to our website. Sourch: @zoeweinerrr from @bustle
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