Silk vs. Satin Which one is better for your hair?

Silk vs Satin Pillowcase & Scrunchies

Both satin and silk provide beauty benefits to the skin and hair!

Silk is a natural fabric and satin is a wrap dominated weaving technique. Silk is shiny from both sides but satin has a glossy surface and dull back. Silk is a stronger fabric than satin. Silk is the oldest fabric invented 12000 years ago in china but satin was found in middle age. Silk can be hand washed but satin sometimes needs dry clean.


↪ It breathes. Your head and hair won’t get smothered or overheated.
↪ It’s hypoallergenic. It’s naturally resistant to fungus, mold, mites, and allergens.
↪ It doesn’t involve synthetic materials. It’s a natural fiber, for those who wish to keep their beauty routine.


↪ It typically costs a third to half the price of silk.
↪ More readily available. Since satin is created from common materials like polyester, it’s much easier to find it.
↪ Easier to clean. You can throw a satin pillowcase into the wash with the rest of your laundry.
↪ It might be softer. You might actually prefer the feel of satin because it tends to be silkier than real silk.

Have you tried silk or satin scrunchies / pillowcases, or both? 💙

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